Donators of Decani

Program Donators of Decani started in November 2022. Donators of Decani gives opportunity every parishioners to make monthly donation of $25, $50 or $100 to our church Saint Steven of Decani in Chicago. Also, monthly donations can be lower from $25 or higher from $100. (monthly donations can be canceled at any time)

This new program Donators of Decani started with a goal to make it easier and more convenient for all parishioners to make monthly donations to our church. In this way, we all together and everybody with their own abilities can support their church so it can serve its mission here, for salvation us and our children.

Also, all Donators of Decani can actively participate in mission of our church. All Donators of Decani will get discounts on different programs for children and adults that our church offers.