Saint Steven of Decani

Serbian Orthodox Church

Bishop Longin:

His Grace Bishop Longin was born on September 29, 1955 as Momir Krco in the town of Kruscanje Olovo. His parents were Stanoje and Andja (nee Jovanovic) Krco. He attended grade school in Olovske Luke from 1962 to 1970. He entered Three Hierarchs Seminary in Monastery Krka in 1970 and graduated in 1975. During this time he was tonsured a monk and received the small schema as a fifth year student. The tonsuring was done by Bishop Stefan of Dalmatia on the eve of the school Slava of the Holy Three Hierarchs on February 11, 1975. At the Divine Liturgy on February 12th he was ordained a deacon by Bishop Stefan…

Priest Aleksandar Petrovic and History of St. Steven of Decani Church

During World War II, from 1941-1945, Serbian people in then Yugoslavia, endured great suffering. An enormous number of Serbian people ended up in concentration camps, in Croatia, Germany and other countries who were under Nazi regime. Among the Serbian people in the German captivity were also the then Serbian patriarch Gavrilo Dozic and Bishop of Zica Nikolaj Velimirovic. They were in the most notorious concentration camps in Dachau…

Donators of Decani

Program Donators of Decani started in November 2022. Donators of Decani gives opportunity every parishioners to make monthly donation of $25, $50 or $100 to our church Saint Steven of Decani in Chicago. Also, monthly donations can be lower from $25 or higher from $100. (monthly donations can be canceled at any time)

Holy King Stefan

The founder of the Monastery was St. Stefan Uroš III of Dečani (1285-1331), the son of Holy King Milutin and the father of Emperor Dušan. The Church celebrates him as a great-martyr on November 11/24 (according to the Julian and Gregorian calendars, respectively). As a ten year old boy, he was given as a hostage to the Tatar, Nogai Khan. As a youth he was falsely accused of an attempt to depose his father from the throne, and was blinded and imprisoned in the Monastery of Christ the Pantocrator in Constantinople. Pious, mild-mannered, and compassionate, he won the favor of monks and lords alike, and even of Byzantine Emperor Andronicus II himself. Seven years later, through the mediation of Serbian and Greek bishops, his father reconciled with him and gave him the region of Budimlje (in today’s Montenegro) to rule.

Mолитва Светом великомученику Стефану Дечанском

О СВЕТИ царе и христољубиви Великомучениче, од раног детињства волео си Господа Христа и страдања за Њега, – научи и нас многогрешне волети Њега и радосно страдати за Њега, јер би нас то обновило, очистило, осветило, и за Царство Небеско припремило. Греси наши одбацише нас далеко од Бога нашег, но ти нас богопријатним молитвама својим приведи Богу, што пре приведи, да нам се душе не угуше у гресима и страстима. Свега си себе привео незаменљивом Богу и Господу нашем Исусу Христу живећи Њега ради и страдајући Њега ради, – научи и нас, живети Њега ради и страдати Њега ради.

Calendar of Church Services and events

Foklore group Avala

Our folklore group Avala brings all children from ages 4-18 together to learn traditional Serbian dances known as “kolo”. Consider signing your children up so they can learn our traditional dances and have fun. Practices are every Friday starting at 7pm in the banquet hall of our church.

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